Interview PR

Seamless code interviews using GitHub Pull Requests

👨‍💻 Evaluate candidates in a realistic coding environment that resembles real work
📝 Gain insight into communication and collaboration skills
💻 A great take-home or remote interview solution that also works in-person

A better way to do code interviews

Traditional live coding or whiteboard interviews are a poor assessment of a candidate's abilities. A GitHub pull request interview format ensures the interview assesses real skills for real work, and gives candidates the freedom to complete the interview how they work best.

1. Generate Interview

Interview PR generates a private GitHub repository for your candidate based on any repo you choose.

2. Pull Request

Your candidate submits a pull request in their own private interview repository.

3. Evaluate

Your interview team is given access to the PR. Review the candidate's pull request against your own rubric.

Request Early Access

I'm rolling out early access to a few users who want to try Interview PR while providing valuable feedback about how to make it better. Interested? Provide your info below and we'll get in touch!

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